Sudanese Muslim Refugees Seek Asylum In Israel…….

For a country that issues passports that read “all countries except Israel”, those fleeing the Sudanese genocide machine know that if their government finds out that they even visited the Jewish state, they most certainly will be executed. Israeli Foreign Ministery spokesman, Mark Regev, recently stated that:

“Israel has no desire to send these people back to the terrible place they came from,” he said. “We are working with the UNHCR to try to find a humanitarian solution for these people. In the meantime . . . we are trying to make the conditions of their stay in this country as pleasant as possible……..”

Egypt can’t be trusted by the refugees, one of them told of being soon deported, (regardless of what will happen to them) and if not for the bribing a guard, and making it to an Israeli border patrol station, he would have met his end. Israel has yet to decide on what to do with these refugees, but Egyptian solutiondefinitelytely out of the question.

These are the words of one Sudanese Muslim refugee:

“…….The Israeli Government should understand that we are not the people they should be afraid of. We are not the people who hate others because of their religion or race. But because of the way the Government of Sudan behaves, everything is about Islam…….”

I agree, and I believe that a fair decision will be made by the Israeli courts concerning their welfare.
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