Mogadishu Falls To Sharia…….

The Somali capital of Mogadishu has come under the control of the Islamists who have been reported as having ties to Al-Qaida. Interestingly enough, the US is being blamed for the Islamists’ victory, due to the supposed financial support its given to the alliance of war lords that have been fighting the Islamists.

This all of course causes me to ask the rhetorical question of “what should have the US done in the first place”? This rush to finger point and blame the US for losing Somalia to the Islamists, is not very well thought out. Just what was the Bush administration to do, other than offer financial support to the lesser of two evils? To do absolutely nothing would have been worse than backing a losing side, and only a cynic could claim otherwise.

This is nothing more than a “damned if you do, and damned if you don’t” scenario, and does nothing to change the situation on the ground in Somalia. As I see it, the only natural and reasonable response for west is to treat the Islamist held state as a rogue entity, and the only assistance is should offer is in the form of humanitarian aid.

There should not be any diplomatic recognition for the Islamists, as well as a very watchful eye for the infiltration of Al-Qaida operatives who will naturally try to set up shop in the failed state. I am not as impressed as some are by the Crisis Groups assertion that the AIAI (Al-Ittihaad al-Islami) has discontinued itself, being defunct as an miltiant organization (opting rather to concentrate thier efforts in supporting Islamic social services) things have changed since the 1990’s, with the present day “flame of jihad” proving itself to be too much of an alluring factor.

According to the Crisis Groups own report, Somalia is rife with many different Islamists groups that are supposedly content with just running affairs inside Somalia. But who can say with complete certainty that that will be the situation a month from now? History shows us that where there is extremist religious entities in power, their extremism does not remain local, its exported abroad, and Nigeria is looking very vulnerable right now for their brand of import. More here. KGS

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