Fatah Wing Threatens US And EU Interests With Terrorism…….

At the same time PA Prime Minister, Mahmoud Abbas, was on Palestine tv urging Hamas to “renounce violence and respect peace deals with Israel”, his Fatah party’s armed wing, Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades, was doing the exact opposite. The AMB threatened both the US and EU countries with terrorism, if they refuse to ‘fork over’ international aid money to the terrorist lead PA government.

“We won’t remain idle in the face of the siege imposed on the Palestinian people by Israel, the US and other countries,” said a leaflet issued by the Aksa Martyrs Brigades in the Gaza Strip. “We will strike at the economic and civilian interests of these countries, here and abroad.”

The situation in the disputed territories is the product of decades of largesse by the International Community, which despite its good intentions, has nontheless ended up retarding the development of the Palestinians, keeping them from ever behaving like a normal state-in-waiting. Like a spoiled child, as long as the IC bends to the Palestinians’ every whim and demand, (without the proper checks and balances and a marked improvement in their respect for the civil rights of their own people) they will never change. More here. KGS

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