Carter Shills for Hamas…….Again.

Former US president, Jimmy Carter, once again shows why the American public refused him a second term in office, the man from Plains Georgia “even lacks the common sense God gave a good jackass”. What else could explain the ridiculous statements embedded in his recent article, “Israel’s new plan: A land grab”.

According to the wisdom of Carter, the Green line that rests between the West Bank and Israel, is : “an internationally recognized boundary between Israel and Palestine”.

Really? I thought that the Green Line was only a line of armistice, and that it was the ‘Palestinian Authority’ which was nestled in the disputed territories? The facts are, that a Palestinian state would one day materialize with an internationally recognized boundary (border) with Israel, but only through honest negotiations that are directed at ending the conflict once and for all. Also worth noting, is that ‘Jimmah’ refuses to mention anything at all in his article about the Palestinians opting to use of terrorism as a political tool instead of sincere negotiations. Clearly ‘Jimmah’ is aware of such tactics, but he would rather save any criticism that he has for Israel, his favorite punching bag. KGS

Note of observation: It wouldn’t surprise me if Finland’s leading news daily, the Helsingin Sanomat, runs this op-ed, seeing that they have earlier proven themselves to be captivated by his mental prowess.

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