The Banned ‘Al-Tawhid wal Jihad’ Behind Egyptian Bombing……?

Blogger Thomas Joscelyn provides an interesting analysis on who’s behind yesterday’s bombing in Egypt. John Hinderaker at the Power Line blog says its the best discussion he’s seen so far on the subject. Joscelyn points to an article from the Ynet news org, in which “Israeli Counter-Terrorism Bureau Head Danny Arditi issued a warning to Israeli citizens just a few weeks ago to refrain from visiting any Arab country.”

This bombing makes it the third such attack since the 2004 bombing at the Hilton hotel in Taba where terrorsits killed over 30 people. According to Joscelyn, the Egyptians are downplaying the role of al-Qaida but their recent banning of the al-Tawhid wal Jihad throws the spotlight onto this radical group that has pledged their allegiance to the Bin Laden terrorist network. An investigation by the Egyptian concluded that the 2005 terrorist bombing at Sharm el-Sheikh which killed 90, was their handiwork as well. Read more. KGS

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