The New Oslo Peace Process, Fjordman Sounds The Alarm…….

“Close your eyes and think of Arafat, and everything will be fine.” ….Fjordman

From the Gates of Vienna, the blogger Fjordman, delivers yet another scathing report about Norway’s and Sweden’s free fall into dhimmitude. There are disturbing similarities in the political thinking in both countries of Norway and Sweden, where immigration policies are out of control, and their politicians in denial. Finland however, is not troubled with the type of problems on the same scale as their Nordic cousins, which might be reflected in the tighter immigration restrictions practiced by the Finnish state, which draws most of their immigrants from neighboring Russia and Estonia.

Clearly the policy of seeking immigrants whose beliefs are presently in conflict with the concept of a liberal democratic system, appears to be a fool hardy enterprise, not admitting that after reviewing all the evidence is absolutely unforgivable. KGS

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