Abbas Comes To Town…….

PA president Mahmoud Abbas will be coming to Finland next week with his hat in hand, begging the Finns not to punish the Palestinian people for perfering a terrorist/racist regime to lead them. In a YLE interview the “moderate” Abbas explains to the Finnish ”shill” reporter, Leena Reikko, that he “hopes to persuade Hamas from terrorism”. Which begs the question of why the Palestinians voted for terrorism in the first place, and does Abbas wish to undermine the “will of the people” by trying to defang an entity he said he had no control over when the Fateh was still in power?

This talk by Abbas is all ”blue smoke and mirrors”, who is worried about the coffers drying up, and won’t be able to pay the 140 000 PA workers his government employs. What he is asking the international community to do is not to treat his people as adults, that the Palestinian Arabs are children and can’t be held accountable for their actions. They’re portrayed as the eternal innocent victim, being faultless for their own misery and deserving of their contintual parasitical relationship to the West. According to NGO Monitor: “Since 2000 the Palestinian administered areas have been in the top sixteen recipients of Finnish development funds and have received roughly €28 million ($34m) in bilateral funds from Finland overall.” And Finnish NGO’s have recently come under scrutiny for irregular practices.

The fact that they have rejected statehood in 2000, turned their society into a death cult in order to keep the conflict going, continue to fill the minds of their youth with the thoughts of “glory and honor” through suicide/murder and destruction of Jews, diverted much of the funds given to them by the international community for the funding of terror while padding their own wallets, and elevated a racist/genocidal group like Hamas to govern them, they still play “victim”.

YLE’s Leena Reikko asked Abbas in the same (televised portion) of her interview: “what does it feel like to be a president without a state?” Abbas replied with a gesture of his hand, “oh, I wouldn’t reccomend it to anyone one, its terrible.”

An honest news correspondent would have asked what it felt to be president of a people that has turned itself into the previously described? But then again, if Reikko wants continued access to these Palestinian leaders…….she knows what questions not to ask.

Also, Finland will hold the rotating EU presidency this August, and with outpoken critics of Israel in its gov’t, Erkki Tuomioja(social Dem), and the present PM Matti Vanhanen (Central Party) who recently bent over backwards in apologizing for some Finnish cartoons of the Islamic Prophet Mohamed, its going to get difficult as the Arabs press the compliant Finns to address THEIR concerns during this next term. KGS

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