Three Finns Could Face Prosecution For Mohammad Cartoons…….

Unbelievable but true, the Finnish state police has forwarded its preliminary investigation concerning three individuals it suspects as having violated the freedom of worship, by reproducing the twelve pictures of Mohamed on their far rightwing website, Suomen Sisu.

Regardless of the political views expressed on the Suomen Sisu website, the actions taken by the police are absolutely ridiculous. Free speach was/is at issue, not the intentional incitement of any one religion. Finnish dhimmitude reaches a new level as the Finnish state screams to be recognized as being in step with the times, wanting to be seen as a politically correct state even to the point of stupidity. An editorial in the Helsingin Sanomat dismisses any talk of judicial proceedings, “the images of the Prophet Muhammad come under the terms of freedom of expression, and therefore the involvement of the NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) in the matter is pointless.”

I agree, it is pointless, and bound to be proven as such in any court proceedings that result from this latest attempt at stripping the right from a free society to lampoon sacred cows. Simply put, no value or value system is above criticism. Read more. KGS

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