A Case Of Swedish Unwillingness Or Inability……?

Swedish Chancellor of Justice Injustice, Mr Göran Lambertz is back in the news again, due to an effort to distance himself from the justifiable anger he has incurred due to his outrageous ruling on the inciteful Mosque tapes. What resulted however, was a disingenuous attempt at ‘double talk’ in the guise of an open letter, to those who had conveyed their disgust over his acceptance of Islamic anti-Semitism in Sweden.

Thus according to Ilya Meyer:

“The flagrantly anti-Semitic texts from the Stockholm mosque were never fully translated in writing for his examination; instead he received a verbal translation through the services of an interpreter, and this verbal translation was more in the nature of a summary of the contents. Yet the Chancellor writes: “There is furthermore no reason for me to review my decision as long as such re-examination would concern the same material.” The question is: what material would this be? The Chancellor, after all, admits he has none.”

The Chancellor then, did not have ALL of the facts before him when he decided in favor of the highly anti-Semitic tapes over the rule of law and common sense, while also gaiving credibility to the notion of battles songs war-cries are ligit, even if they call for the extermination of another people. The fact that the Chancellor did not pursue this case with the honesty and sincerity his office demands, is reason enough to conclude that he was not interested in reaching the real truth to the matter. Sweden’s Chancellor of Justice Lambertz’s behaviour in this matter has been deplorable, and is deserving of the strongest possible condemnation a person can muster. More here. KGS

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