Brainwashed Palestinian Kid Commits Homicide/Suicide Bombing In Tel Aviv…….

A sixteen year old Palestinian kid obeyed the bidding of his elders, religious leaders and his government by murdering nine Jews in an Israeli shwarma eatery in Tel Aviv. The brainwashed suicide/homicide bomber pushed his way past a guard into the restaurant and blew himself up, in anticipation of his reward of 72 virgins and as much booze as he can guzzle down.

Hamas, up until now had been playing a game of ‘double speak’, formenting incitement of Israel to the ‘home crowd’, while offering vague statements of ‘moderation to the international community. Well it didn’t take them to drop the charade of moderation, with their statement of approval for the latest atrocity in Tel Aviv, saying it was: “a “legitimate response” to Israeli aggression and praised the 16 year old Islamic Jihad bomber. “

This attack has Hamas’ and Iranian leader Ahmadinejad’s fingerprints all over it, and underlines the seriousness and danger of allowing them to continue with impunity. KGS

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