Palestinian Terror Attempt Thwarted…….

An attempted act of genocide was foiled by Israeli security forces, as they nab ten Palestinians on the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Highway. The vehicle contained ten Palestinians (believed)belonging to the Islamic Jihad, and a five kilo (ten pounds) homicide/suicide belt which was intended to massacre as many Israeli citizens as possible. KGS

“I found myself in a huge traffic jam. I thought it was an accident,” eyewitness Gadi Alfasi told Ynet. “Suddenly I saw five to six police officers with drawn handguns storming a vehicle, and the terrorists coming out with their hands up.”

“Police said they believe the explosive device was intended for a central Israel target. The GMC vehicle stopped by forces contained 10 Palestinians, who were taken in for questioning by authorities. The vehicle in question was stopped following a pursuit involving a police chopper.”

Police detain suspects (Photo: Scoop 80, Yitzhak Elharar)

The terror plot is believed to be the work of an Islamic Jihad cell.

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