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39% of Swedish Muslims Harbor Anti-Semitic Attitudes…….


sweden muzzin in multicultural lala land

With a Swedish Muslim population of 350 000, that would mean 136 500 Muslims in Sweden, (just less than half) hold anti-Semitic views. Simply staggering, that in the middle of liberal Scandinavia, such intolerant views have taken root. One contributing factor to this anti-Semitic phenomenon is the role of the local Mosque as well as the Swedish judicial system.

As I have noted earlier, a Swedish Chancellor of Justice has refused to press charges of incitement against a Swedish Mosque for selling tapes that degrade Jews. An official Swedish sanction of Islamic anti-Semitism is a total outrage, and as this study by Henrik Bachner shows, the numbers are staggering.

“Lisa Abramowicz, chairperson of the Information Committee of the Jewish community in Stockholm, and secretary-general of Swedish Israel Information, told the European Jewish Press, “The results of the report are not surprising. We knew that anti-Semitism, the world’s oldest prejudice, still lives and thrives in Sweden.

“What is surprising is that so many ethnic Swedes are so unaware of their own prejudices. There is a widespread feeling among Swedes that unless they are members of right-wing extremist or neo-Nazi groups, they have no prejudices against other religious or ethnic groups,” she said.

“The existence of hatred towards Jews is a permanent threat towards democracy and human rights,” Jesper Svartvik, chairman of Swedish Committee against anti-Semitism, told the Forum for Living History in reaction to the poll.

“The great number of Muslims (39 percent, according to the poll) who have prejudices and feel hatred towards Jews is especially problematic. Here there is a great need for dialogue and communication.”

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