Hamas To Be Served Walking Papers…….

Israel is formulating a plan that would seek to starve out the terrorist group Hamas from power, which would allow for Mahmoud Abbas to call for new elections. A lot of ‘if’s’ in that scenario, but its a plan… right?

While I understand that using ‘suitcases of cash’ is not the best way to run a government, but how it would severely impede the Hamas government is purely speculation. We already have the Russians and French fine tuning their ‘Laurel and Hardy’ song and dance routine, practically fawning themselves all over the Hamas.

Then there’s even far away Finland, due to chair the EU’s rotating presidency this year, believing that the intolerant Hamas could actually play a mediating role between Europe and the Islamic world. ‘Orwellian’. But even if the Israelis and the US manage to pull it off, with Fatah once again at the helm, what difference will it actually make? One point raised at the Captains Quarters is, “what’s the difference between terrorist group A and terrorist group B”?

The answer is, very little, if one gauges moderation on the ‘when and the how many’ Jews should be killed at any given time. One Finnish expert on the Hamas said last year that ”Hamas has shown itself to be at times,.. very ‘pragmatic.” Perhaps, but only in conjunction with the previously mentioned.

Ynet reports of a ‘third intifada’ on the way, and I tend to agree, but only if a Palestinian civil war doesn’t materialize. KGS

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