When will the buffoonery end……?

Finnish central party leader and acting Prime Minister has given an official apology over a Finnish website’s publication of the twelve cartoons of Mohamed. A nationalist right wing website called the Suomen Sisu has published the cartoons in solidarity with the Swedish Democrat party’s website being closed down by the Swedish Foreign Ministry. Even the Finnish Parliament’s chairman Jari Vilen(conservative party Kokomus) has voiced his disapproval in calling for the offending pictures to be removed.

What’s next? KGS

Update: In today’s Helsingin Sanomat (16.2.2006), Prime Minister Matti Vahanen’s apology was editorialized in the following way: ‘The Prime Ministers unfortunate statement’.

  1. The pictures were not published in a newspaper or magazine.
  2. If the PM thinks of all the things that can be found on the internet, apologies and regrets would be endless.
  3. The publishing of Mohamed’s pictures is within the bounds of freedom of speech, leaving the Central Police with no justification to proceed with any investigation.

I believe the editorial summs it up in the end, by stating, “maybe in the name of the freedom of speech, the PM should apologize for apologizing“.

I agree. KGS

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