Boycott the Boycotters of Arla products……!

The Danish dairy producer Arla, was forced to close its doors in Saudi Arabia, due to Muslim rage over the Jyllands-Posten’s publishing of twelve cartoons of the prophet Muhammed. It seems that the Mulsim world doesn’t take too kindly to criticism of their religion or their prophet.

The Muslim world has responded in kind, by burning the Danish flag. It looks as the Palestinians could care less about the desecration of a national symbol, they’re just expressing their own freedom of speech, fair enough, it should end there. The Arab League is now talking about bringing the hapless UN into the frey. That’s all this ridiculous farse needs, is the UN to get involved over an issue of free speech in a sovereign state, with yet another stupid and meaningless resolution by its General Assembly. Please Mr.Bolton, put this latest attempt of tomfoolery by the Arab League into your ‘things to do’ calendar, for long the awaited restructuring of the UN. KGS

UPDATE: I just bought my first ever Arla ‘delight’ adam cheese 17% fat. Very good product.

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