Muslim Palestinians Desecrate a National Symbol…….

Danish and Norwegian flags are desecrated by a Palestinian mob. Will the Christians spill their rage into the streets of Denmark and Norway over the desecration of their national and religious symbol of the cross? Probably not.

What is interesting though, is the readiness in which Pallywood (the Palestinian street/stage plus cameras) were ready to put on their show. Why not, the area has the largest collection of western media available in the Arab/Muslim world, making it easy for an invitation to a ‘spontaneous’ demonstration to be distributed. Its nothing more than the usual ‘blue smoke and mirrors’ of Pallywood actors manipulating a ready but very willing international media. Now back to the original story.

This whole non-issue was created by an intolerant Muslim society, that believes its above any form of criticism that the rest of the society has to endure. Well, all I can say is, you’re all do for a reformation of your own, and sooner the better. The Muslim media is the fountain of the foulest,vilest anti-Semitism in existence, as well as being incredibily hypocritical as it is intolerant. Here is a link to both the cartoon pictures of Mohammed and an article by Robert Spencer. KGS

Afgahnistan’s president Hamid Karzai offered a more moderate perspective in a recent interview;

“Nevertheless, he praised the newspaper for placing an open letter in Arabic on its website, stating that it was never its intention to offend anyone’s faith. ‘Let’s look forward from now on. I hope that the press everywhere – in Denmark, in Afghanistan, in Muslim countries, and in non-Muslim countries – will be more respectful and responsible towards other cultures, religions, and views everywhere in the world,’ ‘The prime minister was so kind as to speak with us about this. He said that the press – as we all know – is totally free in Denmark, and that the drawings in the press are not an expression of the Danish people’s attitude. We in the Muslim world need to understand that,’

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