Moderate? Paleostinians Statistics Terrorism

Moderate Palestinian Terrorist Groups,…….Really…….?

With the upcoming elections within the Palestinian Authority, a troubling question comes to mind. How does one define the term ‘moderate’ and ‘extremist’ when talking about the various Palestinian groups, ranging from Hamas to Fatah’s Tanzim/Islamic Jihad? According to European politicians and the media, moderation is based soley upon the number of attacks a terrorist group carries out, with Hamas clearly leading with over 400 terrorist attacks in 2004.

Since the installation of the security fence, homicide/suicide terrorism is way down, reflecting the marked increase of rocket attacks by all terrorist parties concerned. But when it comes to determining the ‘moderation’ of a Palestinian group, the numbering of succesfully launched rockets and number of Israelis killed is a morally wrong method to use. Failed attempts to murder civilians does not prove moderation. KGS


Tanzim and Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades

In 2004, the Tanzim perpetrated 97 terrorist attacks, as opposed to 117 in 2003. The data shows that the Tanzim began the year with rocket attacks as part of the terrorist organizations general effort to launch rockets at Israeli targets even though no rocket attacks were attributed to it in 2003. Similarly, it is possible to discern a massive decline in the number of Tanzim-perpetrated shooting attacks.


In 2004, Hamas perpetrated 555 terrorist attacks, as opposed to 218 in 2003. In 2004 we witnessed a massive increase in the number of attacks perpetrated by Hamas, along with a change in the character of the attacks. The increase was seen in the number of Kassam rockets and mortar shells launched, while there was a marked decrease in the number of suicide attacks. In 2004 there was a 500% increase in mortar fire and a 40% increase in Kassam rocket fire in comparison with 2003. There was a 77% decrease in the number of suicide attacks in comparison with 2003.

Islamic Jihad

In 2004, Islamic Jihad perpetrated 106 terror attacks as opposed to 71 in 2003. Islamic Jihad did not realize one suicide attack in 2004, as opposed to the six attacks it perpetrated in 2003. Islamic Jihad did increase its activities in high-trajectory weapon fire from two terrorist attacks in 2003 to 17 in 2004 –An increase of 750%

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