Its About Anti-Semitism…….

Israeli Knesset Member, Azmi Bishara echoed last week’s call…

“We are original inhabitants of Palestine, not ‘those who came from Poland, Russia; says Israelis should leave, take their democracy with them……. “

made by Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,
”Israelis should move back to Europe where they came from”. Its an irrelevant fact to both Ahmadinejad and Bishara, that, almost half of the Israeli population are either Jewish refugees or decendents of these refugees from Arab states.

Its also a fact that the Arab population of Jordan, the WB and Gaza, are comprised of immigrants in much the same way as the Jewish population in Israel, with the ‘Palestinian’ Arafat being born in Cairo Egypt. There are ample sources available that reveal Arab migration to the region known as Palestine, included at least 100 000 Arab immigrants. The British however, were only concerned about Jewish immigration numbers and never really considered addressing Arab immigration for a variety of reasons.

But all of this is secondary to the issue at hand, that being, anti-Semitism, which refuses to accept a Jewish state or its national movement, Zionism. Its THE main reason why the ‘War Against Israel’ has continued unabated for 60 years. KGS

“In a world void of anti-Semitism, the War Against Israel could not exist.”

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