Victory In Iraq, Crushes The Left’s Hope…….

David Horowitz from FrontPageMag.com, has made valuable contributions to the advancement of freedom and democracy, by exposing the radical Leftist element within US politics. The Left, and its web of inter-connecting groups and organizations that support anti-Americanism, as well as the enemies of the US, are documented here.

I include David’s recent text from his blog, which eloquently answers the anti-Iraq war nay-sayers. KGS

The election today in Iraq, the third since January, will create the most democratic regime in the history of Islam and strike a devastating blow against the forces of Islamic terror — and the international “progressive” left. Since the beginning of this war for Iraqi freedom, the international left, led by its American comrades — has been against this war for freedom in Iraq.

They have done everything in their power first to protect the monstrous regime of Saddam Hussein from its well-deserved retribution, and then to protect the Zarqawi beheaders from their just deserts. This is the most shameful episode in the post-Communist history of the left. Of course supporting the murderers of 100 million innocent human beings in the name of “social justice” was the work of the American and European and international left before that.

The left never changes; since the its first revolt against the bourgeois revolutions of the 18th Century, which brought liberty and free markets into the world, the left has been a reactionary force seeking a return to the status societies of the Middle Ages (whose aristocratic hierarchies it wishes to replace with hierarchies based race, gender and class) and to the tyranny of pre-market economies.

The left is an evil force. Its full-throated war against democratic America in the midst of America’s war with radical, Jew-hating, Christian-hating, secularist-hating, women-hating,gay-hating Islam should be the final nail in its political coffin. But don’t hold your breath.

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