The Iraqi people once again defy the terrorist rabble, and vote for democracy. The overwhelming majority of Iraqis are excerising for the third time this year, their right to vote in a meaningful election process. KGS

The carnival of elections has begun in Erbil under strict security measures; the Peshmerga, police and “Asayesh” security corps are doing a great job in providing a safe environment for the voters.Voters flocked to the polling stations to democratically elect a four-year government for the first time in Iraq’s modern history.In center #24 in downtown Erbil I have talked to a number of voters after they cast their ballots and most of whom said they gave their votes to list 730, the Kurdish alliance.Mr. Kamal Serwan expressed his happiness with the process and said “I voted 730 because it is the list that grants us a federal Iraq and protects our rights…”Mrs. Norhan Mahmoud also voted for the same list and commented “I voted for them because they will preserve the unity of Iraq and serves the ambitions of our people…”

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