Militants Will Try To Hit Scandinavia…….

Diligence is the ‘watch word’ for Scandanavia. Though Finland is not named in the report, all of Scandanavia is on the alert for terrorist activity. Seeing that Finland is involved with security cooperation between the Nordic countries, it stands to reason that the Finnish government is likewise tightening up its security and being on the lookout for suspected terrorists.

This factor alone is reason enough to believe that Finland is a potential target as well. Lets hope that the Nordic countries are successful in their prevention capabilities, for all of our sakes. KGS

Wednesday December 14 2005
Top Norwegian authority says that Islamist militants are operating in the Nordic countries, exploiting their open, liberal societies and will sooner or later launch an attack in Scandinavia. “It’s only a matter of time before we have a terrorist attack in Scandinavia; in Norway or Denmark or Sweden,” Jørn Holme, head of the Police Security Service (PST), Norway’s domestic intelligence service, told Reuters. Al Qaeda named Norway as a potential target, alongside the United States, Britain, Australia and other countries, in 2003.”

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