Your Name Is Bill Clinton and You Are a National Disgrace

Former US president Bill Clinton, shouldn’t be surprised by the call for his ‘tar and feathering’, upon his return to the United States. His recent speech in Dubai, was a disgrace to the US and to the men and women in the US military, now serving in Iraq. No flagrant act of treason during a time of war should be allowed to go unpunished. The following statement is by David Horowitz, and I agree with him 100%. Another article on Bill the traitor can be found here. KGS59

“Your country is at war. It is fighting to defend a democracy in the heartland of Islamic terror. You are a former president and you are speaking in Dubai within 200 miles of the battlefront where young American men and women are dying in battles for freedom.

But instead of words of praise for their heroism and gratitude for their sacrifice, you tell them the war they are fighting is a mistake. It is a mistake for them to be risking their lives in the service of their country. It is a mistake for them to be fighting for Iraqis’ freedom. It is a mistake for them to be defending innocent people against terrorists who behead the innocent, who declare democracy to be evil and who have sworn to kill every Iraqi citizen who has had the audacity to vote.

You insinuate that their commander-in-chief is a liar who tricked them into this war and that their cause is unjust. With these words, you have plunged a knife into the backs of the brave men and women who are defending your country. You have betrayed them and the Iraqi people. You have betrayed the cause of freedom and with it your country’s soul. Your name is Bill Clinton and you are a national disgrace.

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