Syrians ‘Aim’ To Convince………

The Syrians are feeling the heat from UN investigation team set up to uncover what role Syria played in the Harriri assasination. US Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, has recently accused the Syrians of ”dragging their feet” and of hindering the on going UN investigation. Syria has now sought to prove to the international community, that its in ”their” best interests not to destabilize Syria with any investigational probe, by unleashing the Hezbollah upon Israel’s northern border with Lebanon.

Israel responded with warplanes taking out a Hezbollah command post, and sending in bulldozers to demolish a post near Ghajar. The US and the international community have to keep up the pressure on the Syrians. There is little to gain by allowing Assad Jr. to frustrate the UN probe, his escalation of the violence on Israel’s northern border proves that they must be on to something. KGS59

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