France In Da’Nile (denial)

In Finland and elsewhere, it is extremely difficult to suggest, that there are ‘other disturbing factors’ contributing to the unrest in France. As someone pointed out to me recently, “if the French press denies it, what do you think the Finnish press would print…..?” I agree.

One point worth noting, is that these same groups who are now crying ‘victim’, have been busy terrorizing the Jewish community for the past 3 yrs., leading to an increase of Jewish emmigration from France to Israel. All during that time, French economics and ‘forced assimilation’ (historian Bat Ye’or says otherwise) were not mentioned as the key factors in the violence, Israeli politics were.

”Oh how quickly things change”, when the violence is directed towards others in French society, it can’t be religious intolerance, its social! Either they were wrong then or they’re wrong now……..they can’t have their cake and it too, …………but wait a minute, that phrase originated there. KGS59

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