‘Just Beat It’

A case in point. The importance of immigrant communities in accepting the exisiting laws of the land, cannot be ‘overstated’. In a liberal democracy, the rights of the individual extend to all members of that society.

No one has the right to infringe on those rights, regardless of their social or religious status. All are considered equal under the law, and protected under its constitution.

No one has the right to beat anyone! Such thinking does not deserve a moments credibility, and should be roundly condemned by all. If World Islamic Mission imam Syed Ikram Jilani does not agree, he should be served his walking papers, and ‘beat it’. (deported)KGS59

Pull support from imams
Norway’s Equality Minister Karita Bekkemellem wants Muslim communities that are open to the idea of beating women to lose their state support funds.
“Bekkemellem refuses to accept imams who believe that physical punishment against women can be justified and will take up the matter with Minister of Culture and Church Affairs Trond Giske, newspaper Dagsavisen reports.
“It is completely unacceptable and the government will examine using state support as a means of pressure. Imams must distance themselves from violence against women, not come with statements that can legitimize it,” Bekkemellem told Dagsavisen”

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