Scandanavian firms involved in UN Oil For Food Scandal

Not only has Swedish firms been implicated, but Finnish firms as well. Finnish comapanies; Kone, Mercantile, Orion Pharma, Santen and enregy giant Fortum. While these same countries were claiming the US lead Coalition’s enforcement of UNSCR 1441 to have been ‘illegal’, their leading firms were accepting bribes from Saddam Hussein.

Saddam was dangerously close in getting UN sanctions lifted, with the help of his fellow UN member states. Like pigs at the trough, everyone was in a feeding frenzy, not wanting the good times to end. Time for everyone to face the music and apologize for not wanting the UN Security Council to enforce its resolution (1441), because of their lust for Saddam’s oil and money.

Volvo in Saddam bribes claim
Swedish companies Volvo and Atlas Copco have been accused by a United Nations investigator of paying bribes to former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s regime, in contravention of international sanctions against the country.The two companies were among 2,000 firms listed by investigator Paul Volcker, who presented his findings in New York on Thursday. The bribes are alleged to have been made within the framework of the now scandal-ridden Oil for Food programme. Saddam Hussein gained up to $1.8 billion in bribes during the sanctions era.”

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