Denmark Arrests 4 in Suicide Terrorist Plot

Once again, Europe is subcontracting for Islamist terrorists for export abroad. That the Balkans was the destination for these young Islamakazis is a worrisome development, because the Islamists were kicked out of the Balkans some time ago. Looks like they’re back.


“COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Police arrested four Danish Muslims Thursday on suspicion of belonging to a terror network planning a suicide attack in Europe, officials said.

Four quiet, well-behaved teenagers were arrested in Copenhagen on Thursday, on suspicion of planning a terrorist attack. The boys, who are aged between 16 and 20, are all of Mid-Eastern descent and deeply devout Muslims.

The Danish Security Intelligence Service said the arrests came after it had been informed by an unnamed Balkan country that a large quantity of explosives and a number of assassination-type weapons had been found in the country and that there was a possible connection to Denmark.

On 19 October, the intelligence service contacted the country, requesting to see proof of the weapons and their connection to the four men, all between the ages of 16 and 20. According to the police, telephone records and other correspondence showed that there was a possible connection between the Balkan group and the men, as well as possible signs of a planned terror action.”

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