Politically Correct To a Fault

The acceptance of criticism (right or wrong, good or bad), denotes the degree of maturity of the individual or group in question. At what point does the tomfoolery of ‘political correctness’, become a stumbling block for any group wishing to be recognized and treated as equals?

Circumcision law “is not working”

“Circumcisions in Sweden are performed almost exclusively by Muslim and Jewish families and are grounded in religious beliefs. But the study’s results are based on scarce evidence. Since the law came into effect, the National Board of Health and Welfare has had only three cases reported by the health service. In addition, five boys between the ages of one and seven have been registered within open care for complications after a circumcision. Precisely what those complications were was not addressed by Torsten’s work.

“It could be cases which were carried out in the public health system but my impression is that they were cases where the circumcision was not performed there,” he said. Since these boys were all older than one year, the implication is that these were Muslim circumcisions since the Jewish ceremony is carried out in the first weeks after the birth. But Torsten Mossberg said he did not want to draw that conclusion.”

“I don’t want to point out the Muslims,” he said. “That would be too specific.”

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