Hijab, The Mother of All Scarves

‘Fear Factor’ religion, should not be forced on anyone, anywhere and at any time. If you can’t conform to the constitution and rule of law in a free pluralistic democratic society, then in the words of Australia’s education minister, Brendan Nelson:…….”they can basically clear off.”

Hijab causing conflicts Disagreements

“Involving the use of the hijab – the head scarf used by many Muslim women – is causing trouble at several Oslo schools, and not just between Norwegians and Muslims.

Several Oslo schools report increased use of the scarf, generally worn to cover the hair, and researchers agree that it is becoming more customary with Muslim girls, newspaper Dagsavisen reports.

The use of the scarf has led to some Muslim girls being taunted by ethnic Norwegian students, but has also sparked arguments between Muslim girls.
“We clearly notice that there are more girls wearing the scarf than before, and that it occasionally causes friction between Muslim girls. We have had episodes where the girls in headscarves have accused the others of being loose, or of being whores,” said Anne Bech Skogen, principal at Bredtvedt High School in Oslo.”

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