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Finland: SDP PM Rinne says Islamic mosques should have the right to levy their own taxes……..


That is placing the Islamic community on the same footing as the state Lutheran Church and Russian Orthodox…


And the money raised, well, a portion has to go to funding the jihad. Islamization one step at a time, and then by running leaps. The thing is, so many of them are on welfare, it’s actually the Finnish taxpayer which would be funding them, money laundered through the subsidy payments.

Antti Rinne states: Islamic mosques have the right to levy taxes

Prime Minister Rinne says in a newsletter that Islamic mosques, like Lutheran and Orthodox churches, could collect tax.

The biography of Antti Rinne, written by the newspaper’s policy editor Lauri Nurmen and journalist Matti Mörttinen, on the premiere of  “Antti Rinne’s – the whole Story” (Into) also includes a presentation that will trigger a debate.


– He ( Rinne ) says he is in favor of giving Islamic mosques in Finland the right to collect tax from their members, as Lutherans and Orthodox members say.


“This would help to ensure that Islamic mosques are not funded externally. Muslims living in Finland could finance their community themselves, Rinne states in the book.


In the book, Rinne says she has spoken to the issue with representatives of Islamic mosques in recent years. The desire for tax law has often arisen.


– Muslims have asked if they could qualify for tax. It shows that they want to integrate into our society by raising wealth themselves for their own religious activities, Rinne says in the book.



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