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Finland: Police missed 2,000 child sex abuse tip-offs while online “hate-speech” is a priority…….


Inexcusable asshattery…


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The press reveals how Finnish police missed 2,000 child sex abuse tip-offs…


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Image: Tiina Jutila / Yle

Finland’s biggest selling daily Helsingin Sanomat carries a report on how police may have left up to 2,000 tip-offs about suspected sexual crimes against children unopened in an “email inbox somewhere”.


According to HS, Finnish police were slow to react when people began reporting allegations or suspicions of online sex crimes against children a number of years ago, and did not allocate enough resources to properly deal with the sudden influx of reports.


“What happened in Finland was that when these things started to grow on the web a few years ago, those tips and messages were left somewhere in an email inbox. And we only had two people in the department who ever opened them,” commissioner Sari Sarani of the police’s cybercrimes unit told HS.


However, according to Sarani, the police’s practices for recording warnings about the targeting of children online have now changed, with more staff than ever currently handling on the reports and investigating of such cases.


Sarani also told HS that the police urge the public’s assistance in tackling sexual crimes against children.



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