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BBC Report: UK Labour Awash with Anti-Jewish “Hatred and Acrimony”…….


And the BBC itself is not that far behind…


The Beeb uses all kinds of classic anti-Jewish tropes in its coverage of the Jewish state of Israel.


BBC Report: UK Labour Awash with Anti-Jewish “Hatred and Acrimony”


A BBC report that outlined systemic antisemitism within the left-wing UK Labour Party has been greeted with dismay by party members and local Jewish leaders alike.


Labour has insisted the claims made in Wednesday’s Panorama were inaccurate and the party is free of any and all allegations Jewish members are discriminated against and complaints are hushed up or ignored.


Shadow chancellor John McDonnell said the “serious charges” were being “hotly contested”, and the process of dealing with complaints in the party had been “improved dramatically” but deputy leader Tom Watson countered, saying there was a “permissive culture” of antisemitism in Labour.


“I am shocked, chilled and appalled by what I’ve just seen on ‘Panorama’,” he tweeted after the show aired.



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