Finland Neo-Nazis

Finland: Police worried about banned neo-Nazi group regrouping, no mention of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of FInnish society however…….


Outside of direct calls for violence, no group should be banned, no matter how lunatic they are, but subjected to ridicule and marginalization…


I’m against the state regulating freedom of speech and determining who’s eligible for the right of assembly. That said, you would think that if evenly applied to the rest of society, Muslim and Marxist groups (including ANTIFA) would be banned as well.


Banned neo-Nazi group returning


Police have confirmed to the Tampere-based daily Aaumlehti that they are investigating claims that members of the banned neo-Nazi organisation Nordic Resistance Movement are reconstituting as part of new groups.


On Tuesday AL reported that investigator Erkki Rossi of the National Bureau of Investigation said officials are looking into individuals related to the group, but noted that he did not name names. The aim of the probe is to determine whether or not efforts are underway to continue the operations of the NRM under different identities.


In September last year, the Turku Appeal Court upheld a decision by a lower court to proscribe the group, making it illegal for it to mobilise, demonstrate and distribute propaganda. “The situation is being investigated as operating an illegal association. The number of suspects is uncertain, because they are always changing,” Rossi told AL.


The investigator said that there had been evidence that the group was re-assembling in different parts of the country, including in the Tampere region and that the subterfuge activity had continued after the appellate court’s ruling, at least up to the end of March this year.


The paper cited three different successor organisations: Towards Freedom, the People’s Unity Association, and another body allegedly operating as a charitable organisation, Finland Aid.


Towards Freedom was reportedly set up by former NRM member Paavo Laitinen and had been active during recent parliamentary elections. Meanwhile other NRM activists are said to have established the People’s Unity Association, which is collecting membership cards to register as a political party.


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