Kay Wilson Paleostinians Palestinian terrorism

British media finally reporting about Kay Wilson’s brutal machette attack by two Arabs who murdered her friend…….


They are very slow…


British woman played dead to escape machete killers as her friend was butchered

EXCLUSVE: Kay Wilson was hiking through an Israeli forest with her friend Kristine Luken when Islamic terrorists pounced, and left thinking they had executed them both


Kay Wilson was gagged so she couldn’t scream and had her hands tied behind her back.


Machete blows rained down on her with such force that he had already smashed 30 bones and repeatedly plunged the blade deep into her body.

She knew only one thing would stop the monster who was inflicting such brutal torture – pretend she was dead.


So she suddenly stopped fighting and lay still, with her eyes wide open to make it more convincing.


It worked, and her attacker eventually stepped away, believing his murderous work was done.


But just two metres away his accomplice was butchering Kay’s friend, Kristine Luken.

Kay, who was facing towards her, had to watch motionless and in silence as he brutally hacked her to death before her eyes.


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