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Breitbart: ‘Eco’ Concerns May Have Been Prioritised over Fire Safety in Inferno Struck London Tower…….

If true, this is monstrous…..

‘Green’ and ‘eco’ concerns may have been put before fire safety worries during the refurbishment of the West London tower that was engulfed in flames this week.


The cladding, which was erected around the concrete block’s exterior as part of a £8.7 million refit last year, is suspected by experts to have helped the flames spread so quickly.


The panels were intended to enhance the appearance of the building as well as improve its insulation and reduce the tower’s “carbon footprint”. Despite fire safety concerns, ‘green’ concerns could have been prioritised, The Telegraph reports.


It is estimated that thousands of buildings across the UK have been fitted with similar cladding, and the prime minister today announced a full public inquiry into the disaster.


According to the BBC, the cladding had a plastic core and was similar to that used on high-rise buildings in France, the United Arab Emirates, and Australia that have also been struck by rapidly spreading fires.


Experts said the cladding had acted like a “chimney”, allowing flames to spread upwards through gaps between the cladding and concrete walls.


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