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Europe: Europol says European Jihadists Getting Younger, Increasingly Female……

The women in the above picture however are fighters, taking aim at the Islamonazis, instead of being one of them.

Europol: European Jihadists Getting Younger, Increasingly Female

Jihadists attempting to launch terror attacks in Europe are trending younger and more of them are women than ever before, Europe’s top law enforcement agency said in a new report released Thursday.


Last year in Europe, police arrested 718 alleged jihadist terrorists representing a near two-fold increase over the 395 jihadists arrested in 2014. Of those arrested, almost one third were under the age of 25, and about one in four were women, according to the report.


Those jihadists returning from battlefields in Syria and Iraq are another leading threat to the European Union, as authorities fear they will replicate the use of drone explosives seen in those countries in Europe.


Sharing information


In order to combat the rising threat of jihadist violence in Europe, EU leaders say cross-border information sharing will become increasingly important in the years to come.


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