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Finland: Finns MP Hakkarainen: “We’re beginning to have sharia law here, I wonder what police would say if I had 5 underage wives”…….

This is actually a MP who works for a living….

Hakkarainen: We’re starting to have Sharia Law in Finland – “I wonder what the police would say, if I had five under age wives?”

– Finns are allowed to be freely criticized. For example, I can say that Ostrobothnians are knife wielding red necks, people from Savo are twisted, Lapplanders are ‘straw shoes’ and folks from Häme are slow, but if I criticize Muslims, then there are convictions, says Finns MP Teuvo Hakkarainen, who was cited for ethnic agitation.


Finns MP Teuvo Hakkarainen walks in the company’s yard of the sawmill in Viitasaari. Hakkarainen went to work at the family-owned sawmill after a trial at the Central Finland District Court held on 4 January.


“Ridiculous manhunt”


Hakkarainen received 20 day-fines, or fines totaling EUR 1 160 for ethnic agitation. The judgment came when he equated Muslims and terrorists on Facebook last summer.


– In fact, I am not very excited about the matter. What happened happened. A ridiculous witch hunt is on. Public opinion is surely behind what I said, Hakkarainen says over a cup of coffee.


Scalp journalism


After a terrorist attack in Nice Hakkarainen wrote on Facebook that “not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims.” Hakkarainen is amazed that he received a judgment.


– It was a quote, which was, inter alia, in the Helsingin Sanomat and in many other media. Oddly, nothing was done about what was written earlier, but this is scalp journalism and it has its own life. We’re in a witch hunt, the target of scalp journalism, Hakkarainen snorts.


More in Finnish here.  H/T: Vasarahammer


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  1. I do hope Finland does not follow in Europe’s footsteps, but rather create it’s own destiny. Protect its own land and people from being taken over by a foreign power and control from within, by allowing the takeover by Muslims and their beliefs.

    You have fought many wars for independence, & self rule, to be your own person and nation, now I see you dropping your own flag to the demands of others, it’s a road to loosing yourself.

    You are a special nation, you do not need to bow down to other nations for approval and significances, to do as they do or as you are told. Put up your walls and boundaries, hold fast to what you know is right. Other nations are falling around you, you do not need to follow suit. Be courageous, strong and resolute as a nation standing for truth. You once reached out to God to go before you, to do the impossible, you can do it again.

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