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Germany: Government grossly failing female refugees on sexual violence…….

You can also add to that the plight of Christians and Yazidis who fall prey in these places to the very mindset that they’re fleeing from….

Germany ‘grossly’ failing female refugees on sexual violence: report

Germany 'grossly' failing female refugees on sexual violence: report

A investigation by news service Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN) carried out in Berlin’s refugee camps has found that women in the camps face “grossly inadequate protection from sexual and gender-based violence.”

Dozens of the women that IRIN spoke to reported facing sexual harassment while living at Berlin shelters, and many said that they were offered very little support, and lived in constant fear of attack.


One of the main problems highlighted in the report released on Wednesday, was that the standards introduced by the government in June last year on protecting women, which include strict codes of conduct for guards, have still not been adequately introduced.


While there were some shelters that had trained the staff to protect against sexual assault, the standards were not legally binding, meaning that most workers were left without proper training. This has left many women at risk of violence.


The report further outlined that women often feel like the security guards in the camps were more of a threat than a protection.


Sally Abazeed, a 20-year-old refugee from Damascus, told IRIN how she had been repeatedly pestered by one guard at the camp, who tried to kiss her and always asked for her phone number. She also recounted being followed into the toilets at night by a guard.


The young Syrian fled the camp but ended up being raped by a countryman who claimed he wanted to help her. When she reported the crime to the police, she was told she did not have enough evidence and was sent back to her refugee shelter without the offer of counselling.


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