Islam in Finland MUSLIM SETTLERS Rape

Finland: New statistics show sharp spike in sexual offences committed by Iraqi Muslim settlers……..

Need I say anything more?

Now, if they were to inquire from them about their attitudes of Jews, you’ll also note a sharp rise in the statistics on Jew hatred as well, let alone what they would do to homosexuals and apostates from Islam.

HS: Sharp spike in Iraqis suspected of sexual offenses last year

Nationality is noted in the criminal report, if the police have knowledge of the person suspected of the act.
A number of Iraqis suspected of rape rose significantly last year, says the Helsingin Sanomat based on the Police College crime statistics.

When still in 2015 there were 45 cases of Iraqis suspected of rape, last year the number rose to 90. Also, other categories of sexual crime Iraqi figures were remarkably high, suspected of sexual harassment was recorded 54 times, and the suspicion of sexual abuse of a child or a serious sexual abuse of a child had 60 incidents. The corresponding figures for Finns were 174 and 700.


According to the HS, the over representation is explained by many factors, such as social life in many areas reflected the volatile security situation and the weak position of women in Iraq.

In 2015 about 20 000 Iraqi asylum seekers came to Finland. In the meantime, Iraqi citizens residing permanently in Finland was about 7 000, Statistics Center revealed.

According to the HS, other nationalities have not risen significantly in the statistics. Nationality is noted in the criminal report, if the police have knowledge of the person suspected of the act.

Police have already released the January statistics on sexual offenses in Finland dating back to 2016. Rape crime reported to the police across the country last year, 11 per cent, or 117 offenses more than the previous year. Helsinki rape criminal reports were 61, which is 21 reported, ie 52 percent more than before.
In particular, foreign nationals’ share of sexual harassment in the statistics grew sharply. Last year it was 87 per cent, that is, reports of an offense almost doubled. Helsinki alone, the growth in the statistics was stronger.
More here @ IS (in Finnish)  H/T: DM

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