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Finland: Iraqi brothers in court for terrorist offenses in Iraq, one shot eleven prisoners…….

Yep, these fine upstanding Muslims were let into the country, only to be later found to have committed war crimes.

Iraqi twins in court for terrorist offenses – Prosecutor: One shot at least 11

suspected of the murder of the brothers was jailed a year ago Pirkanmaa District Court.

Prosecutor demands life sentence for Iraqi twins for terrorist offenses in extremist organization Isis.


According to the indictment the men in Iraq took prisoners of war for the extremist organization Isis  to a pit and one shot at least 11 prisoners. The issue will be addressed in Pirkanmaa District Court.


Prosecutor demands a sentence for the men for aggravated killing, war crimes and terrorist intent with gross assault. The prosecutor noted that the men broke the customary law of war. Prisoners of war according to international agreements, are to be treated humanely.

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