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Finland: Immigrant says radical Lutheran pastor and fellow Leftists in Facebook group shill for Islamonazis…….

From the comment section to a recent post about Finnish (radical) Lutheran pastor Marjaana Toivianen:

I came across her (Marjaana Toiviainen and her troll gang) quite many times in RHC group. Apart from what they have done in Metsälä, I must say that the behavior in that group is so pro-radical islamists.
For example it happened many times that if a Muslim posts something political/religious/cultural against Sipilä (Finland’s PM) or Trump etc. then all of these ”regressive leftists” come and cheer them up, but when I say something counter and logical (not offensive I should mention) purely for the sack of debate, then these torch bearers of humanity comes to teach me that ”this group is not meant for such debates”.
Ok then why have you allowed the other person to do the same? No answer.
They lack the very basic information about how asylum process works, they may have good intentions but there are many exploiters who are exploiting them, and if you go and point it out then you are a racist/fundamentalist/islamophobic.
They want to live in their delusional bubble of humanity, well, good luck with that. You are not doing any favor to this society.

NOTE: The RHC is a Facebook group, the Refugee Hospitality Club founded in Finland in 2009

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