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Nutcase Sweden: Police chief investigated for suggesting revoking visas of those who support extremism…….

They are freaking nuts.
I would never ever want to live there with the present mindset of its leaders and other various authorities and insititutions. It’s the closest thing to Stalinism in the West that you could get.
‘It is appalling that we allow these men who are on the border of extremism to spread propaganda here and wave the ISIS flag. It mocks those who have fled to Sweden from ISIS violence in the Middle East.’
He added: ‘These people are not Swedish citizens. They live here and are supported by the Swedish taxpayers. Meanwhile, their biggest dream is to abolish the democracy which supports them.

Sweden’s police chief calls for Islamic extremists to be deported after attack ‘by failed asylum seeker’… then is warned HE faces investigation

  • Gothenburg police chief Erik Nord said violent extremists should be deported 
  • Tweeted after alleged Stockholm attacker revealed to be failed asylum seeker  
  • Alleged killer had been told to leave Sweden in December but could not be found
  • Accused of driving 30-ton truck into a department store in Stockholm on Friday 
  • Nord said Sweden should be ‘like a dinner party’ where bad guests are removed
  • But now he will be hauled before Attorney General ‘to explain himself’ 
  • Prime Minister Stefan Löfven pledges to change country’s liberal attitude 
  • There are more than 3,000 migrants living unlawfully in Stockholm alone 

Swedish police chief is being hauled in front of the country’s Attorney General for daring to suggest that Islamic extremists should be deported.

Erik Nord, chief of Gothenburg police, said in a tweet: ‘Not that it would have stopped Friday night’s attack, but shouldn’t we be able to withdraw visas from those who support violent extremism?’

In response, the country’s Attorney General, Morgan Johansson, vowed to launch an investigation. ‘I will ask the police chief to explain himself. And he will,’ he said.

‘Those who have visas have gained them because they are in need of protection. There is always a risk that those who are being deported are danger of being oppressed [in their home countries].’

Speaking to the Expressen newspaper, the police chief explained that he did not oppose Muslims in general but believed that those who supported terror should not be given a taxpayer-funded home in Sweden.

‘We should function like at a dinner table. If a guest is behaving badly, they should leave and go home. Likewise, those who want to overthrow the government need to go home,’ he said.

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