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Important facts on refugees and economy

“Important facts on refugees and economy”
By: Nicolai Sennels

Seven out of 10 refugees do not know the Western alphabet.

Only two percent of refugees are able to work on arrival. The rest are too sick or uneducated, and curing them and educating the will cost billions.

According to the Danish National Bank, the netto cost for one non-Western immigrant during a life time is 268,000 euros (Weekendavisen 26.9.08 “Nationalbanken om indvandring: Sats på superindvandring”)

The Danish National Bank also concludes that only people “who immigrate after graduation, enter the labor market directly, has a job all the time and pay Danish tax, who does not bring his family and leaves the country before retirement age,” will be of finantical benefit to Denmark.

The Danish National Bank’s calculations are supported by calculations fromCenter For Political Studies (CEPOS), who concludes that the yearly netto costs of one non-Western immigrant per year is 4,000 euros (which amounts to 268,000 euros in 67 years). Their offspring, second generation immigrants, costs a bit less: 3,900 euros. If the tendency continues, it will take 40 generations (appr. 1000 years) before the decendants of the immigrants gives economic surpluss.”

According to the Danish Ministry of Economy, the retirement age will have to be adjusted upwards every fifth year until year 2100 to compensate for the expenses related to refugees.

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