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Glad to hear it, no mention however as to whether he distances himself from socialism as well.

Do take notice of the mention of the Russians, as being ”odd bedfellows” of the neo-Nazis. No it’s not. When you understand that Russia’s main goal is the destabilizing of the West using any and all means available, it all makes perfect sense.

They even help the jihadis as well, at the same time they’re operating against them domestically. It’s all about keeping the West off balance, they’re more than happy with crashing the West to a certain level, as long as they’re on top of the ash heap.

Repentant Nazi: “What I was doing was crazy”

Esa Holappa
Esa Holappa was a co-founder of the neo-Nazi Finnish Resistance Movement. While he was officially the group’s leader for four years, he says that the real power was in the hands of others. Image: Marcus Rosenlund / Yle

About two years ago the co-founder and leader of the Finnish Resistance Movement (FRM), Esa Holappa, quietly left Finland’s most militant neo-Nazi group. Explaining the reasons behind his departure for the very first time, he tells Yle’s Spotlight programme that he simply could not reconcile raising children while continuing to work for the hate group.

“I thought about my time in the Nazi movement,” the 31-year old Holappa says now. “And I suddenly realised that what I was doing was crazy.”

While he seems confident that it was the right decision to leave the racist group he helped establish, his departure has not been trouble-free.

“Of course I cannot erase my past days as a neo-Nazi—even if I wanted to,” Holappa says. “I can’t deny my past and say it never happened. On the other hand I can be proud that I grew up and left behind all the anger and distrust. I left once I took a long look at myself in the mirror; I was able to see how wrong racism and white power truly are.”

He says that he’d been exposed to those divisive ideals at a young age and that he freely allowed them to become part of his life. Until a couple of years ago he says he did not permit himself to consider questioning his overt nationalism and racist ideas.

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