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Yesterday I posted the video of someone I thought in the presscore was tossing a firework to the ground and running away, (that turned out to be an actual firework being tossed over the policemen’s heads) Vlad has an eyewitness account however of what really went on.

Vlad has eyewitnesses of someone in the crowd who threw fireworks, showing the police a badge and them letting him through their lines. So this development changes nothing, the fact that an agent provocateur working for the police slipped though police lines after the dirty work was done, tells it all.

The German police have been thoroughly politicized (again) and moved against a peaceful crowd of moms and pops, young people and elderly, in order to disrupt their free speech and smear them in the process.

Vlad has two posts, the first being a whole accounting on what transpired by an eyewitness, with the second  post being a continuation of the first. Read it all, this is method that states of Europe will use (if they’ve managed to politicize the police enough) to quell peaceful marchers defending their liberal democracies (classical liberalism, not the commie stuff) from agents of tyranny.

I have just come from Pegida Cologne. The Police made us run an unbearable gauntlet.

The following is an eye witness account of the events at the Cologne PEGIDA demonstration which was ended when heavy police equipment such as water-cannon and tear-gas was turned on the peaceful German peoples by the state. I would like to thank Oz-Rita for finding it on Facebook and taking the time and trouble to translate it for us. This is an important account. Please share.

Seems to be from this German site

The way the police behaved today, I have never
experienced something like it. I am completely
speechless and still so angry that, even as an
adult man, I feel like crying. I have never seen
so much hatred as several policemen have
thrown at us today.

One woman in our group tried to leave the demonstration because the Police aimed the water canon into the crowd of the participants, Moms and dads. A policeman hurled her back into the crowd by the arms with the words: “Your own fault, if you go to such a demonstration ! “

Already when we arrived, the police police
pulled us to the side and COMMANDED us to
show the contents of our pockets and bags.

A paperbag was ripped out of the hands of an acquaintance. No friendly word was spoken, not even a reasonable tone. It was already then that I told people in our group I feared bad things would happen today. And I was right.

If the media everywhere now reports that the mood was heated from the outset, I can only say that these are blatant lies. The place was so packed with people that it was a joy to behold. The speeches were super, the calls “Merkel must go, we are the people, Jäger must go” echoed across the square. It was a Super atmosphere.

When the march was about to start, the police stopped it every few minutes. We were stopped every 100 meters. In between one firecracker exploded. ONE FIRECRACKER ! ONE SINGLE ONE !!! After 10 minutes, the march was stopped completely.

We stood on the same spot for about 20 minutes without anything happening. We just stood around. Shortly afterwards some more firecrackers exploded, no more than five or six I guess from memory.

Attention: mark well my next point: Only a few meters from us, a man threw something with his hand to the side. We did not see what it was. We only saw the movement of his arm to the left. I personally did not pay much attention to it, I probably thought of a fag (cigarette). 2 seconds later there was a blow next to us so strong that I thought my body would be torn to pieces. I immediately looked at the man, he walked away. What a goddamn asshole, I thought to myself, is this idiot fully sick in his head?

This guy only provokes, so that the police can take action against us faster. The only thing I remember of the man is that he wore a grey felt jacket, in fashion right now, and that he was really tall, 1.90 even 2 meters. I would not remember his face, but lets get back to that later: Although the police officers realized that several thousand people (not 1700 as the media reported, you can see that for yourself in the videos) were standing on the same spot, did not know what was going on and became increasingly restless because nothing was happening and no one knew how it would continue, they still brought out the water cannons, very well visible from a long distance,facing Pegida.

That’s when we became frightened. At that moment, the police had provoked panic among the people. Please note that the few members from Hogesa were not the mass. The overwhelming majority of people were decent Burgers, of mature age. Women, a few children,Men.

At this moment I said to my friend, Stephanie Abt: “Now they will start to produce the TV pictures the media demand! “ When then the police announced that the march has to stop and that we all had to turn back, the concert of whistles against the police was unbelievable.

People shouted: “Where were you on New Years Eve?” and “we want to move on”, or “Traitors”.At the front waterbottles were thrown at the police. Errrrrrrr stop: PET-bottles. No GLASS bottles. And beer cans.

So definitely no projectiles such as paving stones or other dangerous objects. That is not an excuse, simply an explanation about what kind of projectiles we are speaking here. They were non dangerous plastic bottles.

Shortly thereafter, the crowd was sprayed with teargas. I have never in my life raised a hand against a policeman. But at this moment they have treated us all, me included, as if we were dangerous criminals on the run.

We then returned all to the stage at the Central Station. After a few minutes the first speaker, I don’t remember who it was, took the mic and began to calm the people down. Now you have to imagine people sitting around everywhere, some lying down. They all had massive injuries on their faces, in their eyes, some women cried out in pain, men howled snot and water because they had serious burns on their faces, especially in the eyes. Some had bleeding lacerations on their heads.Among all the injured there were just 3, perhaps 4 members of Hogesa. The rest of the injured were those family fathers, mothers, a few young people, boys and girls, as I have mentioned before.

No emergency doctor, not even paramedics came to the injured people. The police simply left them to them to their own devices. NOT EVEN THE POLICE TOOK CARE OF THE WOUNDED !!! THEY STOOD CALMLY BY AND JUST WATCHED !!!

Eventually other event participants supplied them (the injured) with bottled water. Eyes were rinsed, tissues were pressed into wounds. Meanwhile the Police continued to provoke in such an incredible way that one can only say it was unworthy of a Policeforce of a Nation of Law.

THEY DROVE 2 WATERCANONS with their  bumpers almost touching the knees of the participants who stood before the stage. Aiming at adult people with those huge water cannons who were as menacing as tanks, nearly touching the feet of the participants. The rest of the participants focused on the speaker. It was completely quiet again. I guess the people were still partially in shock. In the middle of the speech then the sudden announcement that the event had been declared as “over” by the police. Why? No idea. It was absolutely quiet. Nothing more happened.

The spokesman announced that the event was terminated and at that moment the police started moving again and encircled us. As we wanted to hastily leave the place at the opposite side of the square, we were faced with a police block !!!!

We (were told we) should leave the place in the opposite direction. I just looked at the policeman and asked him if he is pulling our leg. I said verbatim to him he should look in the direction into which he wanted to send us.There were Water canons and Police were spraying defenceless participants with teargas. He could not care less. Here we could not pass through. So There ! We were trapped. Behind us water canons, tear gas and rubber truncheons and in front of us police who simply prevented us from following their orders to leave the place.

At this moment, the guy from before, with the firecrackers, appeared about 2 meters from me. Immediately I yelled at the police that this was the guy with the explosives. The guy pulled out his wallet and showed it to the policeman. Next to him was another man: mustache, approximately 1.70 m high. He pulled a leather pouch from his back pocket and showed it also to the police. Although I screamed that the police should hold the guy because he was the one who had thrown firecrackers into the crowd, the police let him and the 2nd man whom I had not seen before, climb over the barrier and run into the Central Station.

The police told us that they were Media people. They did not arrest them to check their identity. It is absolutely necessary to clarify if it was not the Police themselves who threw the firecrackers to discredit the event. Those who, like me just now, have watched the whole video, will find that the police played a very strange game here.

I herewith suspect the police very publicly and officially of a deliberate collision course in order to harm Pegida. Pegida has been already 43 times in Duisburg. With Hogesa and with other hooligans, with citizens, with older, with younger participants. With men, with women.

Never before has there been an escalation. But just in Cologne the atmosphere explodes?

No. The game played here is played under a false flag. And that must be clarified.

Holm Teichert –

[EDITOR: I would like to add as an aside, that in a recent interview of Tommy Robinson by Ezra Levant,Mr. Robinson revealed that when he did a sort of charity/demonstration march with Kevin Carrol a few years ago through Luton I think it was, that the person who came and punched him hard in the face and marched off in front of the police, and then the police arrested him for assault, even though he didn’t even defend himself, was in fact a police officer who had intended to provoke Mr. Robinson so that they could arrest him and end his demonstration.

When I saw the interview I had little doubt that this was exactly as Tommy explained it was, but after reading this it appears that there is an over-aching strategy by the European, and probably soon US and Canadian law enforcement services, to make sure that a heavy hand will be used on those who expect rule and protection of the law but go against the Marxist-Muslim revolution that is playing out in front of us]


More on the German police false flag op against PEGIDA in Cologne

Oz-Rita has translated more from the man who was at the Kolne PEGIDA demo and reasons that the police used agent-provocateurs to false-flag the peaceful demo.

From this Facebook post

Here we have prepared a video recording which clearly shows that the police let the fire cracker thrower, who in part provoked the collision between Police and Pegida, escape through the barrier despite my request to hold him in order to check his identity.

The excuse from the police that they did not know, is wrong, because shortly before the video started I had alerted them to his presence by shouting it out to them, loudly. When he realized that he had been recognized,he pulled out a green card in check card format, which means it was a police badge. Their assertion that he was from the press is therefore just a protective claim.

All the other videos have shown that the demonstration gave absoluty no reason to cancel it and to pursue the citizens with batons, to beat us up with batons, to bomb us from behind with the water canons while we were retreating and to injure the citizens with tear gas.

The police indulged in an incredible orgy of violence and stopped the event even though all videos prove that from the part of the demonstrators there was not even a hint of violence which would have justified these police actions.

Mr. Jäger, Interior Minister of North Rhine Westphalia and a very great Nazi hunter has already allowed in advance that an event is broken down to suit the media.

One thing has become very clear to me: The politicians wanted to make an example of Pegida to prevent more citizens from joining it in the future, and produce the “news” that Pegida events are violent. They also wanted a distraction from their failures on New Years Eve in Cologne.

We will ensure that Mr. Jäger will be held to account and will answer question about this.

– Holm Teichert –

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