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But this is what happens everywhere when Islam 101’ers spread the full measure of mohammedan scripture, remember, the post-hijra portion of the koran supersedes the former.


That there are ‘brave Muslims’ is nice, meaning that, non-Islamic culture and its values have penetrated the thin meninges surrounding their brains. It however is no reflection on the koran itself, nor negating powers to limit its impact. Post-hijra Islam is a de facto key component of the koran, it is its most identifying feature.

KATIE HOPKINS: A brave Muslim tried to warn us this week about the extremists taking over his community. What a tragedy it is that our PC politicians would rather not know 

Muslim tried to warn about extremists taking over his community writes KATIE HOPKINS

Britain’s third-generation Muslims have watched their community transform from complete integration with other Brits, to almost utter separation, writes KATIE HOPKINS. Many are now afraid to speak out about their fears of extremists and radicalised Muslims, no longer sure who is friend or foe, who is British at heart and who is loyal to another ideology or country. They can’t even send their own children to the mosque because they’re frightened of what they might learn there.

Having listened to these tales of racism inside the mosques, examples of extremism and conformism from Muslims and Imams, it seems to me that surveillance would be doing good, moderate Muslims a favour. There may be complaints about freedom of speech, but when moderates can’t challenge their own community, what freedom do they really have? (Pictured left is Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed who managed to go into a mosque in Acton, remove his security tag, don a burka and escape police surveillance – all without anyone there noticing a thing) More here.

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