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  1. As an atheist I don’t care for this either. What to do with religious fanatics? Obviously singing seasonal religious songs out of tune is not the answer. Besides when you don’t speak a language singing christmas carols in it might not be very usual. They have no idea what they are singing about anyway even if they get a translation. They would better spend the time on learning them rules, regulations and local customs. This is a waste of tax payers money (again).

    1. The point being that they (the humanitarian screwballs) believe in “dirt transformation”, the mere fact that they’ve touched the soil of another country will induce them to change.

  2. Twenty seconds of this idiocy was all that I could stomach.

    Just goes to prove that humanitarian screw balls are like chicken man . . . they’re everywhere.

    Again . . is Finland learning anything from the screw balls running Sweden.

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