Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Blood libels Finnish Politics


The Centre Party has yet to distance themselves from this candidate’s statements.

UPDATE II: Scroll down for more: Finnish state media finally reports on Hussein after Tundra Tabloids story gets international media attention. First picked up by the JTA. Center Party secretary Timo Laaninen apologizes.

I reported on this story on March 30, 2015. It’s a total double standard, the Finnish media will treat this story like it never happened, wrong ethnicity. If it were Finns Party candidate for re-election, Jussi Halla-aho, saying that Somalis systematically murder their children, and during an election cycle…well…it would news 24/7.

UPDATE: The moron was a recipient of the Finnish PEN’s Freedom of Expression Award for 2015, get this, for:

 for his activity in the fields of equality and multiculturalism, business, and politics

Finnish politician: Israel systematically murders children

Abdirahim Hussein, a candidate for the Center Party, makes controversial statements in blog post about Netanyahu

April 7, 2015, 5:09 pm 34
Finnish politician Abdirahim Hussein (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons/Tallentanut Dogah/CC BY 3.0)

Finnish politician Abdirahim Hussein (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons/Tallentanut Dogah/CC BY 3.0)

A candidate for Finland’s Center Party said Israel is systematically murdering Palestinian children, women and elderly people.

Abdirahim Hussein, a former chairperson of the Center Party’s youth division, made the statement last week in a blog post about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to the Tundra Tabloids website.

“We have for the last few years witnessed brutal actions in which children, women and the elderly having been systematically murdered. This all happened less than a year ago,” wrote Hussein, who was born in Somalia in 1978 and immigrated to Finland in 1994.

Israel has maintained that it sought to avoid civilian casualties in its war last summer with Hamas in Gaza following the Islamist group’s firing of rockets into centers of civilian population in Israel.

The Center Party is one of Finland’s largest with 36 seats in parliament out of 200. Hussein, a journalist and social activist, is currently running for the party’s 13th slot in this month’s parliamentary elections.

Read more: (note: Original h/t from Finnish blogger Vasara Hammer)

YLE state media CenterParty Secretary responds: 

–That kind of language is not really suitable to the traditional moderate style of representation for the Center Party. We don’t believe it’s good to label a state in friendly relations with us in that way. It is not constructive, that one party blamed in this way, Laaninen says.

Laaninen intends to repeat his criticisms also to the candidate himself.

– The next time I meet with the candidate, I will take the matter up, the Laanin says.

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  1. This idiot needs to spend time reading about Muslim murderers rather than Israelis who are forced to defend themselves against Musloon terrorists!

    1. That’s right Hellosnackbar.

      What about some gratitude for the opportunity to live in a free society – the opportunity to lead a decent life, dress in nice suits, nice tie and neat business shirt.

      Y0u seem to be a man after my own heart. I like someone who likes his grub!!

      1. Abdirahim Hussein is a plant, he couldn’t give you a valid reason why exactly that party (an agrarian based party whose constituency is based mostly outside major city centers and he’s based in Helsinki) he chose to run for office, it’s just one of the parties needed to be infiltrated to push an Islamic agenda.

  2. Absolute proof Brain death is not fatal it is just islam. <:o)

  3. I forgot to mention “I STAND WITH ISRAEL” <:o)

    1. Thanks agwnonsense, welcome aboard and thanks for your support of Israel, who needs all the friends she can get, especially in this crazy period of world history.

  4. The Somalis, the race with the same face, as my Britishish born west indians say.

  5. Sorry Ken, I ment,
    the Somalis , The race with the same face.
    As told to me by British born of West Indian parents.

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