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As long as the Democrats manage to keep black Americans on the party plantation, taking their patronage for granted, the more volatile their situation becomes. Black communities have been used and abused through one party rule, families decimated, youths radicalized due to unstable family life (single woman families) and future generations slaughtered in the abortion mills the Dems promote as….. a woman’s choice.

NOTE: Time for Blacks to shun the Dems and becomes Fredick Douglass Republicans and reshape the GOP into becoming what once was a conservative party supporting constitutional limits on power. Freedom to the individual of all color and stripes.

a.west immigration bill slap in blacks face 16.7.2013

Former Rep. Allen West (R-FL) said the Senate’s immigration is a “slap in the face at the black community,” especially given the high levels of unemployment among blacks across America.

West addressed the D.C. March for Jobs rally on Monday and then appeared on Breitbart News’ exclusive coverage of the event with Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon, who hosted the coverage.

The former Tea Party Representative said conservative blacks, progressives, Tea Party groups, and working class Americans and others came to Washington, D.C. united because there is a lot of “commonality in opposition” against the Senate’s immigration bill that would devastate the wages of  working class Americans.

West called out black civil rights leaders by asserting they were silent on the immigration issue that would hurt black working class Americans because they have been reduced to mere “fronts” for progressive interests and politicians.

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