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So it’s now obvious, to get the BBC’s attention, the EDL has to convert to Sikhism in order to have the attackers properly labeled, (Muslims). But wait, not even that would work, seeing that they’re white, and only people of color, and from a minority, can get their grievances heard.

NOTE: Vlad informs that this broadcast report is still in regional mode, not national, nor international.

BBC cracks, finally uses the word ‘Muslim’ to describe Islamic motivated crime

Posted on May 31, 2012 by Eeyore

Of course, it is because Muslims finally raped a non-white woman from a community willing to actually act on it. Much harder to call a large group of Sikh’s marching to the police station in horror because of a rape of one of their owns racist than it is the indigenous British. The usual tactic of the repugnant and selective BBC.

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  1. TheBBC had to put in “minority of Muslim men” in their report.

    The BBC is a corrupt Far left publicly funded propaganda machine. One is more likely to get the truth from Radio Moscow then from the BBC.

    1. This way of phrasing things reeks of “let’s more or less admit defeat this time, but not in full, so we don’t have to totally lose face.” Cowardice to a Tee. Image-building is more important to these idiots than being able to tell the truth. They’ll never learn to stand tall and admit openly to what they’re doing, everything has to be sugarcoated in a last ditch attempt to save face. PC myths have to be kept alive, no matter what.

  2. The BBC will not forgive Sikhs for having had to mention Islam and sexual molestation of Infidel women.

    It wont be long before the BBC casts down Sikhs into the same pit as the EDL.

  3. Let’s see what happens at EDL assembly in Rochdale. The Sikh community would win my admiration if they attended.
    The BBC are starting to look like that Iraqi Propaganda Minister.

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